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  1. What Might Go In My Carry-On

    June 5, 2012 maryrfrancis

    So in 10 days I will be on my way to Spain. As I’m going on a student tour, my carry-on bag will be the freebie backpack that they give out. Its this bright orange and blue monstrosity, that I surprisingly don’t hate as much as I thought. Since this is an international trip I want to make sure that I’m covered for the first few days in case of lost luggage. I also will be flying for a total of 11 hours so I want to stay comfortable and entertained. SO I put together a little list of what I might have with me, space permitting.

    • My LeSportsac Kasey Crossbody bag- It is the purse that I’m taking and I can use it as my personal item if  needed  but I want to be able to fit it in my backpack. In this I want to fit my Wallet (Euros, USD, Cards, ID, phone card) My Passport, and  ticket.
    • Makeup bag- Check out my last post for more detail, but in short: Travel Kabuki, Powder, Face Primer, Eyeshadow quad, Mascara, Eyeliner, Under eye concealer.
    • My  In-flight Essentials bag- This is really just a bag full of toiletries that keep you comfortable for 8 hours of recycled air, and sitting still: Makeup removing/Cleansing wipes, earplugs, sleep aid gels, travel size advil, Band-aids/ Compeed blister patches, tissues, deodorant, hair ties, toothbrush, travel hairbrush, mirror. Liquids: Suncream, Toothpaste, Intense moisturizer, hand sanitizer, ear buds, pens, gum.
    • Change of clothes: T-shirt, Athletic Shorts, underwear, sports bra.
    • Cardigan
    • Pashmina
    • Flip-flops
    • Notebook: I like to use this to journal and then to keep track of my spending so I don’t waste money on anything.
    • Snacks!- We get served dinner and breakfast, but If you can’t sleep, it really sucks to be awake and hungry. I take things like Clif bars, dried fruit like cherries and apricots, and peanut butter Crackerfuls. Things that don’t smell, and are prepackaged.
    • Empty Water bottle (space permiting)
    • Electronics: Ipod, Iphone, Charger Cord, Camera, Extra Memory, Battery Charger, 1 international adapter (all chords are dual voltage)
    • Paperback book (space permitting)
    • Magazines
    • Folder: Itinerary,  guide information, Flight information, important numbers/addresses

    Thats it! I pack everything in ziploc bags, that your can squish the air out of. It really helps reduces the size of the clothing, and then to also keep everything else nice and organized. There are somethings might fit, but I’m not sure yet. Some will end up in my checked luggage, but I want to leave some space, so we’ll see how things fit.

    See you next time, Your PhotoOwl

  2. Travel Makeup

    May 31, 2012 maryrfrancis


    Maybelline mascara
    €20 -

    Maybelline eyeshadow
    $11 -

    Nyx blush
    $6 -

    Rimmel face powder
    $5.49 -

    Soap Glory face care
    $10 -

    Smashbox beauty product
    $39 -

    Garnier beauty product
    €16 -

    Forever 21 makeup travel bag
    $6.80 -
    So I’m traveling in a couple of weeks,  and this is potentially my makeup that I will take to Spain with me. I wanted to put together a little mock-up of what will be in my bag. I am so excited seeing as this is my first trip to Europe, and first flight without a parent meeting me on the other side, (and all the alike jazz)! All of the included things are both compact and versatile. I probably won’t be using the most upscale (aka expensive!) of all these products. The Soap and Glory wipes will probably be replaced with either the Boots No. 7 wipes, or the Yes! to Cucumbers wipes (both of these come with snap top lids, are inexpensive, and the Yes! to Cucumbers wipes are available in a travel friendly size.) Wipes are a nice thing to carry on the plane, because they bypass TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, as they are not considered liquid. I am bringing any makeup in my carry on, so the Smashbox BB Cream may become a bottle of Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, and the Too Faced Brush, will be an Ecotools Retractable Kabuki. Other than those edits, this list is pretty accurate. And NO I do not plan on taking any other brushes. I like using makeup brushes at home, but they are too much of a hassle to travel with especially when you are low on space. When traveling, a combo of the sponge tip applicator and fingers (plus a handi-bac!!) works just as well as anything! Hopefully closer to the travel date, I will post about my carry-on bag as a whole, toiletries (both in my suitcase and the others that will be in my carry-on), and then packing the actual suitcase! Hope I can share as much travel info as possible. AND with exams behind me, and the rest of the season mine, hopefully I can post and make more videos!
    With Love, Your PhotoOwl.

  3. OOTD: Sunday

    May 14, 2012 maryrfrancis

    This is a Sunday that I had to look particularly nice for, which was totally fine with me.  It could work for anything, but I understand if this is just not your kind of thing. I love it though. It is such an indie look, and that is just the sort of thing that I love.

    Dress: Gorgeous Ikat dress from Gap

    Shoes: Brand Is Unisa, the actual shoe however, is no longer sold

    Earrings: Target, bought 1-2 years ago, no longer sold

    Ring: From my grandmother, positively ancient

    Eyeshadow: Mabelline Modern Metallics Eyeshadow, in Sunlit Bronze

    Blush: E.L.F. Blush in Candid Coral

    Eyeliner: Revlon Grow Luscious, in Onyx

    Lips: Burts Bees Tinted Balm, in Hibiscus

    Bag: Aldo McEnroe, in Cognac

  4. Hello world!

    May 13, 2012 maryrfrancis

    So I should be doing chemistry homework… But I instead decided to introduce my new blog to the world! I think you may or may not recognize me (probably not) but I have several other pages by which you may have found me!  ANYWHOO! I am just here to say “hey!” and then get off! I will try to post an outfit of the day later on, but who knows, that may not happen until tomorrow.

    Much love until then,

    Mary (your personal photo owl)